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Hello Punter, My name is Mpendulo Chiliza from South African Durban; Here is a funny story about how I came up with Betbrowser™️; it was the FIFA world cup 2010, in South Africa, me and my friends had all our bets ready, but we did not have any money to bet, so we decided to join all online betting sites with a cash Welcome offers, but we couldn’t find a website to help with just that (manually we went site by site 😭).

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Fast forward 10 years later, when i finally learnt how to code, I created Betbrowser™️ to do just that for anyone with a similar problem.

Now with Even better features than we could have dreamt for back than; filter through types of welcome offers, you can search by country, crypto payment allowed and do they have a data-free app 💡.

Betbrowser™️ is not only used in South Africa ,but has also found a fan base in 🇳🇬 Nigeria, 🇬🇭 Ghana and 🇰🇪 Kenya… We aim to serve all punters in Africa .

Over the years Betbrowser™️ has grown to be more than a finder tool for welcome offers, we have also added features such as a Blog to share ideas and trends, FAQs to support punters, Community Forum to help punters socialise and discuss trends and my personal favourite, the Compulsive Gambler Assessment Quiz designed to assist those struggle with compulsive gambling.

Compulsive Gambler Quiz

Betbrowser™️ Aims to help punters find world class betting experience and support into their exit journey. which is what our forum iNeedHelp Chatroom is exactly for.

If you have friend who might benefit from our Compulsive Gambler Assessment Quiz , invite them by entering their phone number to receive a SMS invite.

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Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @MpeChiliza; I’m always eager to engage with fellow punter and discuss how Betbrowser™️ can elevate your betting experience.

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